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The realization of the need for a Christian residential program came from many years spent spiritually counseling in the Hillsborough jail system. The constant "revolving door" syndrome, women being released only to return repeatedly, has emphasized the strong need for an assistance program to help them make a successful transition to a productive life.

Hillsborough House of Hope, working through volunteers and partnering agencies, now offer women leaving the jail a temporary residence where they will receive job placement and training assistance, Bible study, and classes in nutrition, self esteem, women's health issues and parenting.

Connecting our Women with Mentors, Juanita (Graduate) Lisa (Mentor)
Weekend Retreat to Christian Grounds in Brooksville, Teresa
(Resident), April (Resident), Dora (Resident)

Thy Will Be Done-
Provides food

Wheels to Success-
Provides Autos to qualified recipients.

Dress For Success-
Provides suitable apparel for interviews and jobs.

Erwin Vocational Center-
Provides evaluation and training for future careers.

Hillsborough Health Care Program-
Provides health services.

Francis House-
Provides HIV & Aids awareness

Assistance with Permanent Housing & Drug treatment

Volunteers of America-
Provides Housing

DACCO- website
Provides assistance for substance abuse treatment and permanent housing

Metro Ministries-
Provides food and clothing

Faith & Values
Tampa Tribune May 21, 2011
with Michelle Bearden


Pat Cook House Opened 6/23/09.

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